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Sep 26 2021

The word vote can be a noun = a vote, and a verb = to vote. I voted this morning at 11.00. There were more than one voting rooms but it was well organised and I only had to wait 20 minutes before voting. We voters had to wear masks as we shuffled towards the voting rooms/booths. This time we in Berlin had 5 different voting papers and not only for a new central government. I shall watch the news on TV later this evening to see who/which party has collected how many votes. At the moment, the news broadcasters are talking about the CDU and SPD having the same number of votes. Let’s see what the results are later. Here is a photo of some of the adverts I got from different parties.

The weather today was really nice. Lots of blue sky, sunshine and no clouds. Very nice. Last week was as usual except for Friday evening when I had two visitors I hadn’t seen for 2 years. We went to a local restaurant, enjoyed good food and wine plus lots of talking. Next week looks like the same as the last one. Hope the sun keeps shining!

Mixed Week

Sep 17 2021

I’ve had a very mixed week which I enjoyed. The first thing to note is change in the weather – perhaps its the same where you are. We are slowly moving into Autumn witnessed by trees shedding more leaves and it gets darker earlier in the evening. In my last post I said I was going to meet a small group of ‘ELTABBERS’. I went with Johanna and we met the others in Potsdam Platz. After greeting each other we set off on a walk through parks and woods while still talking to each other and catching up on news. We entered one park to discover a number of monuments to composers. Here you can see us standing in front of the one to Beethoven – who just happens to be my favourite! Off again and then we came to a museum on the side of the River Spree and close to the building where the German Prime Minister works. We sat outside the museum restaurant and ordered ‘Kaffe und Kuchen’. There were lots of people there and lots of boats sailing past. Then we walked on and crossed the river. Later we went into a restaurant on the riverside but Johanna and I left and headed to the nearby Main Railway Station. Johanna is looking after a neighbour’s cat so had to leave early. We agreed to meet up again for another walk before the snow arrives and winter sets in.

I had two physio appointments last week and felt much better after each. On Tuesday evening I met other Berlin Labour Party members via a Zoom meeting. I have another two Zoom meetings scheduled for this weekend. I also watched two football matches via TV and enjoyed both. On Tuesday afternoon I started a new English group and another one on Wednesday morning. We are now into September so people are returning from holidays and joining such groups. I know all of them from courses before the onset of Corona cancellations. Nice to see them back again and listen to their adventures during summer – but only in English! Johanna visited this morning and helped me with some paperwork including trying to understand some words of 30 or 40 and more letters! Civil Service German is not so easy to understand even for many Germans. I also had a visit from The Boyz. Ian and Birgit had sent some money for  them and their sister and so I handed it over and made them smile …. and smile! Were they happy! They have just started new schools/colleges and need more books, sports clothes etc. Here you can see them smiling:-)

Quiet week

Sep 11 2021

I’ve had another quiet week since my last post. The week started with some of my KO-Gang meeting in my garden to relax and sip a glass or two of cool Sekt. Lots of talking, jokes and some nice snacks. After they had gone I was able to join a meeting via Zoom.

Next morning I met a small number of people at an AWO centre. They wanted to talk about starting a new English course. We agreed to start one this Wednesday at 11.00am. I put their level at A2 so they are not absolute beginners. I then went to my physio and felt better after the treatment. Later I watched the German football team win a match.

On Thursday I met Andrea and enjoyed pushing the pram around with her little treasure in it. What a nice day that was. A meeting with friends was cancelled on Friday when there was a heavy storm with lots of lightening and thunder.

My meeting with Imre today was also cancelled. This was due to him having to stay in his flat and wait for workmen to arrive to work on his electricity and water systems. Tomorrow I am meeting Johanna and we are going to Potsdam Platz to meet some members of ELTABB for a walk and then a nice meal together.  Enjoy your Sunday!


Sep 06 2021

Last week went as planned except for Friday. I met Johanna and Martina as planned but we changed our walk. At my request we walked to the ‘Socialist Graveyard’ which is north of where we all live. It is famous for the memorials to Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Hundreds of people gather there each January to remember them. In the centre of the graveyard is Birgit`s grave. It was 17 years since her untimely death. I bought 3 roses on the way: 1 from me, 1 from her sister and 1 from her son. I put the flowers on the grave as I told her how much she is still missed. We then walked north through the graveyard for it has a lot of trees and parts of it look like a park. We then took a tram back to our starting point and went into a newly opened Armenian restaurant. I ate fish which was very tasty.


On Sunday afternoon I went to the home of the Pardon family. I really enjoy meeting them. There is also a connection to Birgit – she used to teach in a school run by the Pardons! Lots of catching up on news. Inga teaches at a university in St. Petersburg and speaks fluent Russian. Another glass of sekt and a snack and more talk and then it was time to go. I hope we can have another garden party like that before winter arrives.

September 2021 Things

Sep 01 2021

I have another Physio appointment this afternoon at 2:15. Then rush home to greet two old friends who decided it was time we met. I expect lots of talk as they relax with Kaffee und Kuchen. On Friday I’m meeting Johanna and Martina for a ride to Straussee to the east of Berlin. Its one of my favourite areas. We’ll also have lunch there, perhaps at a restaurant overlooking the lake. When I arrive home I shall meet another two old friends who I haven’t seen since the start of the Covid pandemic. They said they will take me to a local restaurant. I accepted their offer. Looks like Friday will be a day of eating for me! I have two Zoom meetings over the weekend and so starts my September.

Who has a birthday in September?    Lynne starts the birthday month with her 74th today over in ‘Casland’ with  Alan. I wish I could be there with them. Arancha will celebrate her 37th with Jan and daughters over in Den Haag on the 6th. She is followed by Andrea here in Berlin who will be 36 on the 8th. I’m travelling to her home next day for the second day of celebrations. Gabi over in Bremen will be 55 on the 11th. Nephew Stephan over in Cambridge will be 51 on the 22nd. Robert Gast here in Berlin will be 43 on the 23rd and Sylvana follows that with her 61st on the 25th. Back to Cambridge where Stephan’s father, Lew, will celebrate another birthday on the 27th. Here in Berlin Sylke will celebrate her 50th birthday on the 28th. My nephew Jefferson will celebrate being 48 on the 29th with his family at their home in the south-west of England. Have a great day no matter where you are!

Little change

Aug 25 2021

Since my last post there has been little change to my routine. The weather is showing signs of moving

into autumn and some trees are shedding leaves. It has turned cooler and we are having more rain. The big event for me was on Sunday when I went to Martina’s birthday meal/party and listened to the adventures of the Ko-Gang who were present.

I had two zoom meetings and noticed problems with my camera on the laptop. I could not get a clear image. The picture of me was split in at least 6 sections. Thorsten will check this out when he comes next Monday. I had my first Physio treatment a few hours ago. I feel much better now and it will be repeated over the next 6 weeks.

I’ve had some interesting telephone calls from friends who I haven’t met for some months due to Corona virus. We plan to meet up soon. Just have to organise that. This week ends with Angelika’s birthday party at the family house near to Mugglesee. Looking forward to that!


Aug 18 2021

Guess what I did this morning. First, I went to my bank, then to a nearby Corona Test Centre

Tests are free so I decided to enter and find out what having a test means. Nice person at the registration and only needed information from my nationality card. That done I was asked to go to the test room. A lady stuck a thin swab into my throat as I said, ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ then up my nose. It only took a couple of minutes.

Then I had to take the tube to the next room which was the test room. I was asked to come back in 15 minutes for the result. I went to Aldi which was nearby and returned after 15 minutes. I was given an A4 document which carried the words I wanted to read. Here you can see for yourself. Yes it is —- negative!! Whippeeee was I happy!

To beard or—

Aug 12 2021

To beard or not to beard, that is the question! I have changed a famous phrase to describe something that happened recently. It all began with a visit by The Boyz on Saturday. Bro2 then told me he was going to shave off his beard yesterday (Wednesday) I asked why and he said his mother wanted him to do it so he would look younger. He then said I could shave off my goatee beard as well.

That was a big change for he has always said I should keep my beard for it shows that I am an Opa (Grandfather). I only grew it when he kept asking me to do so. Here is what he wrote in an Email yesterday.

“Hi Opa John – I will shave my beard in five minutes and I think its a good idea if you also shave your grandpa beard. All the best Opa.” I’ve asked him to send me a photo of him without his beard. I wonder if he will look younger!


Aug 06 2021

Here is a photo of me taken by Jutta at a recent ‘Ko-Gang’ meal. She has eye-sight problems but is still able to produce nice images. Thanks Jutta! Now for a comment about flying.

I have just returned from my local Travel Agents. I have always bought tickets there for they give a good service and are much quicker than I would be booking a flight on a computer at home. I asked about flights to England for a two week holiday covering the last 2 weeks of August. First I asked about direct flights from Berlin to Manchester. There are none! You can fly there but with 2 stops to change planes, and it would have cost €630-00. No thanks!

We next looked at flights to Leeds. KLM offers flights but with long stops of over 3 hours, and a flight change in Amsterdam. There and back costs €580,00. Also not cheap. Another problem is that I would have to arrive at Berlin airport at about 2.00am to deal with all the waiting, paperwork and checking that I have had corona jabs and getting a new certificate showing that I tested negative for the virus. It all takes time.

We agreed that I return to the agency on Monday and tell them to book the Leeds flight — or not! I’m going to think about it over the weekend and call my family to get their views. How different flying is now compared to the early 1970s when I traveled with BOAC and enjoyed the services they offered. A luxury compared with today.

Update: I decided not to fly to the UK. The deciding factor was an appontment with an Orthopädic practice and then with a Physiotherapeut. I have to start a 6 week period of treatment which includes the two weeks I was thinking of spending in the UK. Instead, I am thinking of having a short holiday on the Ost See.

August 2021 Things

Jul 31 2021

Still confusion about conditions for flying to the UK and flying back. I thought I had understood the regulations then I heard of more changes in the news yesterday evening. I am going to my local travel agency nest week to see what the current conditions are. I also need to talk to family and friends to see if they will be at home in August. No point in flying there to find them all gone away on holiday. Still enjoying the sun on my balcony in a morning while reading another book. My diary for August shows many of the same things for July. I shall take more trips out into the countryside and shall go on a short bike ride to test myself after having two falls. Just need to clean the bike. In a few hours I shall be going to Johanna’s to meet some of the Ko-Gang and have a meal and chat together. Looking forward to that!

Who has a birthday in August? Shirley in Florida starts us off with her 82nd on the 1 August. I have happy memories of staying there a few years ago and we still keep in contact. Martina from my Ko-Gang will be 73 on the 19th and sure to celebrate with her family. Angelika in Berlin will be 69 on the 25th followed by my sister, Pauline in Cambridge who will be 77 on the 26th. Friend Dieter over in Jüterbog will also be 77 but on the 27th. The month ends with my wonderful Jan who will be 38 on the 28th and celebrate with his family at their new house on the Netherland coast. Happy Birthday no matter where you are!


Jul 25 2021

I’ve had a quiet week, including sitting on the balcony reading my book. It ended in a nice surprise yesterday. The story begins with Martina from my Ko-Gang asking me to go  to her place for a meal. She cooks very well so I immediately said, ‘Yes’. We agreed that I go to her nice, big, flat yesterday at 5.00pm. I arrived on time and there was Jutta who also greeted me and joined in the meal. She is also from my Ko-Gang and has a talent with images and computers.

As we settled around the dining table, Martina gave each a glass of sekt as Jutta placed a wrapped paper in my hands and they said, “Congratulations dear John!” I opened the paper and then understood. Here you can see the document produced by Jutta. It celebrates 9 years to the day when I got my German citizenship. Yes, it was on Tuesday 24th July 2012 at 1.00pm that I was asked to step forward and receive the document from the Mayor of Lichtenberg = the district in which I live.

If you go down the photos on the left side of my blog you will find a photo of me with the Mayor and the document in my hand and a BIG smile on my face! What a day that was and one I shall never forget. I was surprised that Jutta and Martina had remembered and planned the happy meeting yesterday. Many thanks to both of you.


Jul 18 2021

I’ve had a quiet week. Spent a lot of time in ‘isolation’, as usual, and enjoying the morning sun on my balcony while reading my current book. The weather here was generally warm and sunny. Very different from the storms that caused much damage and more than 150 deaths in the west of Germany. Frau Merkel is visiting the area today. The German President was there yesterday. Back in Berlin, there were a couple of changes. On Tuesday evening there was a meeting of Labour Berlin in the garden of a restaurant in the centre. Members had to sit distanced from each other and wear a mask, but it was the first such meeting in a long time. The same happened on Wednesday evening when SPD members of the local party met in person, in a garden and with distance and masks. Again, it was the first time in ages that we met in person and not via Zoom. Now back to the rest of this quiet Sunday. Where did I put my book?

A Concert

Jul 11 2021

I’ve enjoyed the last few days, mixed weather including. I planned for my Ko-Gang to relax in the garden on Friday evening but had to cancel due to rain. Instead, we met at Johanna’s place for a pleasant evening of food, good wine and nice conversation. She had a visitor from Poland who spoke very good German and it was interesting to listen to her opinion about different things. When I first came to Berlin I spent a lot of time travelling through Poland and have happy memories of my time there and of the people.

Yesterday I went to a concert with two of my Ko-Gang. It was in the Pierre Boulez Hall of the Barenboim-Said Academy. I’ve been there before and posted to my blog. This time we had to sit apart from each other and when not sitting, we had to wear a mask. The event was called,’Akademiekonzert zum Semesterabschluss’. Basically it is a concert given by young musicians who have completed their music courses and got their degrees. It was really good and I could only marvel at the talent of the young musicians. I hope they all now find a position in an orchestra and bring their musical skills to more people. They played music by Dvorak, Beethoven, Misek and Mozart.

Today we have warm weather and blue skies in Berlin. A young family is having a party in the garden to celebrate their daughters 4th birthday. Nice listening to the kids as they play and enjoy the day. I don’t think they will be watching TV this evening. Footie Final: Yes, many people are bracing themselves for the final of the European Football Championship this evening. It is England vs Italy from Wembley. I shall be watching and hope that the English team win. Enjoy the game! UPDATE: In case you don’t know the result it was Italy 3 and England 2. The game went into penalties. I still think the English team played well!

A Book

Jul 04 2021

I opened my door yesterday and found a package on my mat. I opened it to discover a book. There was no indication of who had sent it, but I am sure I know who sent it – he lives in Singapore at the moment! It has 917 pages, lots of photos, diagrams and maps. I settled onto my balcony this morning to enjoy the sun and opened the book. I can hardly put it down. The opening sentences clearly reveal the approach of the author:

“This is a book about how Britain fought, endured and won a total war, what it cost (and to whom) and how the country emerged into a much changed world a very different place —  it combines military, political, economic and social history to help explain not only why events took the course they did, but how they were represented and understood at the time.”  I found it difficult to put it down so I could have lunch. I’m really looking forward to reading more.

More Footie : You probably know by now that the English football team won 4:0 against Ukraine in Rome yesterday. I was surprised at the result and am sure I am not the only person. The English team is playing better than expected at the beginning of the games. I hope they continue to win, starting with a game on Wednesday in Wembley against Denmark. I shall be watching!

July 2021 Things

Jun 30 2021

I am sure I was not the only person to get a shock yesterday evening. Yes, the football match between England and Germany. By the end of the first half there were no goals, but I felt Germany would score in the second half. Big mistake: England improved their game and ended with a 2:0 win. I think a lot of the English fans present at Wembley were also surprised, but they certainly cheered a lot. I read that 27 million Brits watched the game. A new record! The next game for England is on Saturday. I shall be watching.

Who has a birthday in July? Laura Bolton in Yorkshire starts us off with her 23rd birthday on the 1st July. Back in Berlin, Jutta Müller will celebrate her 73rd on Friday 2nd July. I have been invited to her Birthday Breakfast and am looking forward to that. Back to my family to find Krystle in Yorkshire celebrating her 36th with family on the 8th. And so ends the short list of birthdays in July. Happy Birthday to all no matter where you live!


Jun 27 2021

I went to Chorin yesterday. It is an old town north-east of Berlin. I went with three of my Ko-Gang in a car. It was nice to see the countryside smiling at the sun and blue sky! It was also nice for me to just get out of Berlin and away from my routine. I have been there before and even posted reports and photos on this blog.

Why did I go there? Our destination was Kloster Chorin which hosts summer classical concerts. Yesterday was the opening concert. The building fell into ruin after 1550 and the advent of The Reformation. Just after 1900 it was re-built in parts with rooms for players and a large open room for the audience plus an adjoining garden area. We sat in the latter, in the sun. and enjoyed the music.

I noted that most of the audience were over 60 but they enjoyed just being there. There were small stalls for snacks, beer and wine and that added to the pleasure. We listened to Maurice Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin as the starter and then settled down for Ludwig van Beethoven: Sinfonie Nr.3 Es-Dur op. 55 ‘Eroica’. Both were well played by a local orchestra called, ‘Philharmonisches Orchester des Staatstheaters Cottbus’ conducted by Alexander Merzyn.

We then slowly moved to the car park and the ride back to Berlin. I arrived home just in time to watch a football match followed by another at 9pm. There are games this evening and tomorrow,  but the ‘Biggi’ is on Tuesday – as I am sure you know – when Germany plays England in Wembley. And so ended a very memorable and happy day. I would welcome more like it.

Little change

Jun 25 2021

There has been little change to my daily life since my last post. The weather is now cooler so I go out more often. I have also become a ‘watching football on TV’ freak. I am really enjoying the games and looking forward to the Germany-vs-England game next Tuesday evening in Wembley Stadium. I’m now teaching a small group of ‘seniors’ and starting another one next Wednesday. I had a visit from Johanna yesterday when she told me about her recent holiday on the Polish coast. I used to go there when I was exploring Poland and have happy memories of my time there. Tomorrow I am going to Chorin with some of my Ko-Gang to enjoy an afternoon of classical music in the open air. We plan to have a picnic in my garden but have to wait until all are back in Berlin and the weather hots up. Enjoy the game!


Jun 18 2021

If you live in the Berlin area and have nothing better to do at 9.00 pm, then switch your TV on and open the ZDF channel. You will be just in time to see the start of another football match. This time between England and Scotland. The game is being played in Wembley Stadium in London. I wonder who will win. Meanwhile, nip out to a shop and get some beers into the fridge ready for the start of the match. Happy Footie!

UPDATE: The result was a draw at 0-0. On the radio this morning I heard that 22 million people in the UK watched the match. Amazing! There was also a number of spits including some from the nose. Yuk!  I noted that it was raining during the match. Very different from the weather here. We’ve had 35-37°C during this week. Today I had 39°C on my balcony. Phew – warra scorcher!!


Jun 11 2021

We have now moved from warm to hot here. I even had 32°C on my balcony yesterday. Now it is ‘only’ 30°c! The west and south of Germany have had bad storms while we in the north-east have been basking in sunshine. I’ve delayed booking flights to England at the moment. Lots of problems with new coronavirus strains in the UK,  and decision by the German government to have all UK passengers arriving in Germany to spend 10 days in confinement in a hotel and having to pay for that. Perhapy I’ll have more luck in July.

I’ve recently been collecting more ‘modern’ English. It can also be called ‘verbal rubbish’ All came from interviews with people broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Some of them were even ministers! How about these – a window of time/ legs over time/ unwellness/ goodness/ hungriness/ a slip-back/ to downtalk/ to upskill someone/ to do an issue/ to be actioned/ a culture of watchfulness/ ridership. If you are learning English, please do not learn this rubbish! Thanks.


Jun 06 2021

During last week the weather got better and we had temperatures of up to 26°C = nice warm weather. I get sun on my balcony in the mornings so I like to relax there with a book. After that it is shower and into the shops in my local area. Everyone still wears a mask and I note some physical distance to each other when pushing the supermarket trolley. I watched the football match last Wednesday which ended in a draw at 1:1. The next one is tomorrow when Germany plays Latvia. Looking forward to that. I had 4 Zoom meetings last week with only 3 listed for next week. Nothing else important coming up next week so I hope the sun keeps shining so I can got out on a few more trips. Keep smiling!

June 2021 Things

May 31 2021

The sun is shining in a blue sky with no clouds and it is 22°C outside. At last a summer day has appeared but the forecast is for it to be cooler in the next few days. I spent an hour on my balcony in the sun this morning. I only get sun there until mid-day but it was nice to relax in the sun and read a new book. It is a history of the working class movements in Germany, focussed on changes in Berlin.

Tomorrow I shall be teaching a small group of ladies over 70, and all have had 2 anti-coronavirus jabs. I know all the ladies and it will be nice to see them again and listen to them talk about life since the coronavirus reached Berlin. I notice that the ‘Indian’ variation is spreading in the north of England. The German government has

placed a ‘lockdown’ on visiters from England and the news today is that the UK government is  considering ending their plan to lift lockdowns from 20 June. This will really ‘screw up’ my plans to fly to England in mid-June. I shall have to wait to see what happens as we move into July.

I have many Zoom meetings this month starting with three this weekend. The big event this week for me is to watch Germany play Denmark at football on Wednesday evening. I think it is the last championship game for the German trainer. Of course you know I shall be cheering the German team!

Who has a birthday in June? Nicholas Bolton over in Yorkshire starts us off with his big day on the 3rd followed by Teresa Payerle in Berlin on the 23rd. And  that is it for June! Happy Birthday to both.

There are a couple of other memorable days. Peter Hartstein who was in my Mugglesee Gand died on the 5th in 2014.  Jürgen in Jüterbog died on the 11th in 2017. On the 19th my father would be 109 and my mother 103 – they shared the same birthday. Finally, Hermann would be celebrating his 84th on the 25th except for a heart attack that robbed us from celebrating his big day. You are dearly missed.

Word play

May 20 2021

I’ve just packed my birthday cards into a file. I enjoyed reading them again but felt sad as I packed them away. Some of them used ‘word play’ to create a joke and/or make the reader smile. Here is an example sent by Neil and Barbara from Sussex in the UK. The card reads ‘A-Gin Process’ and has two nice smiley glasses of G&T. This is a word play on ‘ageing process’! It really makes me smile so I am going to leave it on my desk for a bit longer!

Nothing special since my last post. How often have I written those words since coronavirus arrived. Again the main thing is contact via zoom. For example last weekend I had 3 such meetings and I had an interesting one yesterday evening. It was a Labour International meeting hosted by the Paris/NE France group with Clive Lewis as the main speaker/guest. He is a labour MP and was a candidate for leader of the party. I was impressed by his style of discussion and by the questions members put to him.

This evening at 6.oo pm I shall be tuning in for a LI meeting sponsored by the Italy and Malta members. The topic is ‘The local election results’. Should be interesting to hear what members have to say about that. Next Sunday I have two zoom meetings and so this is how we meet and talk to each other without being in the same room. Can’t wait until all the covid restrictions are ended but with the outbreak of new variants we have no idea when this will be. Keep smiling 🙂


May 14 2021

Why do male professional footballers spit so much when they play? I can’t remember seeing any female players spitting as they play. I ask this question because yesterday evening I watched Dortmund play Leipzig for  the Champions Cup. As the camera moved in and out to the players all you could see was spitting after they had run to try to score a goal. I wonder if Dr. Freud has an explanation! Dortmund won 4:1.

Another quiet week with mixed weather and meetings via Zoom. I have another 4 scheduled for this weekend. In one of the meetings a young man from England spoke and every third word was ‘like’ in addition to ‘er’, ‘well, er like er`, ‘yer know er like er’. I wonder where his generation is taking the English language ….. like!

Let’s see what kind of Blah, Blah I heard on BBC Radio 4 news and interviews. Here goes: they’ll wokify it/ to build back better/ an overspend/ to speed each other out/ to action forward/ a slow uptick/ to bring a stepchange/ it made it more in your face/ to twin track someone/ to grow the workforce/ to work an issue/ is this low hanging fruit?/ a go to person/ a lack of cut through/ our roadmap to open up/ to operationalise.

If you are learning English please do not learn this rubbish. Have fun and stay healthy.


May 08 2021

I really enjoy receiving cards for Christmas or birthday. I also like posting cards to family and friends. Part of the fun is selecting a card that somehow connects to the person. I received 19 cards in the last few days with 7 arriving just this morning. Here you can see them. Any idea why I got them? I also got greetings via e-mail and this morning I got a lot of phone calls.

Early afternoon and the doorball rang. It was a delivery driver with a package for me. I opened it to find a nice bottle of wine smiling at me. I smiled back. It was a present from Harald P. from my Mugg-Gang. On the card was written – “Wine is sunlight held together by water. May this wine help to keep you in a sunny mood – at least for a day!” What nice words. Many thanks Harald.


May 06 2021

Strange weather here for the start of May. Cold and grey with gusts of wind and sometimes with heavy rainfall. Look at this photo of the sky I took last week – the trees have a lot more leaves now. The forecast is for warmer weather from next Sunday. Pity it is not today. I braved the weather earlier then quickly ran home when it started raining and the wind increased. I’ll try later for I have to go to the Post Office.

More demos in Berlin. Traditional ones for 1st May and others opposing the coronavirus lockdown measures. They seem to be increasing as more people tire of the measures. I get information from watching local TV news which regularly report on such demos. I had a couple of online Zoom meetings and I have invitations to attend another 6 during May. Nothing special for the rest of the week and next week = stay at home – keep warm and healthy and don’t go out without a mask. It must be the same where you live.

May 2021 Things

May 01 2021

The game yesterday evening was good but dominated by the Leipzig team most of the time. The Bremen team pushed back in the second half and scored a goal making 1:1 each. This took them into extra time and Leipzig scored the winning goal in the 120+1 minute.  I wonder what the game this evening will be like.

Looking at my diary for May, I note there are no special events or meetings. Lockdown has been extended here and I note more people grumble about that and even hold demonstrations against the measures. There is a demo planned for this afternoon in the centre, but then that is traditional for it is May Day!

Who has a birthday in May? Max in Berlin will be 38 on the 2nd, Marcel Mester will be 27 on the 6th and I have lost track of where he is in the world. Someone called John in Berlin will be 78 on the 8th May – getting old! Over in Yorkshire my great-nephew Isaiah will be 13 on the 10th – congratulations on entering your teenage years. Over in Turkey, Trish will be 69 on the 13th and back in Berlin Heike D. will celebrate her big day with her family on the 16th. My wonderful cousin Barbara G. will be 76 on the 20th and Holger W. over in Bremen ends the month with his 57th on the 31st May. Have a great day no matter where you are!


Apr 30 2021

I recently met some of my Kowalke Gang and the conversation came round to glasses and colours. One of the gang is Jutta and she has a number of glasses from her husband who died a short time ago. A really intelligent and friendly person. We all miss him. She decided I should try on some of his glasses with different colours. So here are some photos she took with her Smartphone. She really knows how to use that machine. I still have to learn! A week later I went with Johanna to an optician in the next district. I picked a new pair and have to wait a couple of weeks before they are ready. Guess which colour I selected? Was it one of the colours in the photos or was it a different colour? The ones in the photos are blue, red and green – although the green ones are not so clear.

Football teams are well know for many things including the colour of their clothes when they play. I noted this yesterday evening when I clicked on my TV to see the start of the game between Paris SG and Manchester City. It was for a place leading to the champions title. I settled down to notice how dominant Paris SG were in the first half and as they left the field at half time, they were in the lead with 1:0. I was then surprised as the second half showed the Manchester team start to dominate the game and it ended with Paris SG – 1 and Manchester City 2.  A good game and I noticed how many players are now covered in tatoos! I still wonder why.

This evening I shall be watching a game for a place in the half final of the German championship. It is between Werder Bremen and RB Leipzig, Guess which team I shall be cheering?  Okay, I’ll tell you. It will be Bremen. I have happy memories of my time there. There is another match for a place in the half final on Saturday. It is between Borussia Dortmund and Holstein Kiel. I don’t have a favourite so I shall just watch the match and sip something from my glass. Haven’t decided yet which liquid to enjoy. Really looking forward to this evening and tomorrow. I have no idea what colour of clothes the teams will have, but I am sure there will be even more tatoos on show. Yuk! When I was a child we learnt that men (no women) with tatoos were either merchant seamen or criminals who had just left prison. How times have changed.


Apr 29 2021

In the back garden there are a number of large as well as schrubs and small trees. A very large tree grows near to the table and benches we use in summer for tea/coffee meetings – and a glass or two. All the trees are growing little leaves at the moment and some birds visit the garden to find twigs, then fly away to build nests.

A couple of crows built a nest and Lady Crow spends more time in it. Lord Crow flies about a lot finding food and bringing it back to the nest. I wonder how long it will be before he has to bring even more food to the nest to feed the chicks. From my balcony I can hear them chirping to each other but so far no baby chirps. Can’t be long now.

Nothing special so far this week. The painters are working on the stairways and make a lot of noise, mainly from a loud radio playing pop songs – in English!! – but they only speak to each other in ‘Berlinisch’.


Apr 25 2021

Nothing special since my last post. Mon.Tues.Wed stayed at home. This was partly a result of better weather and sunshine in the morning. I retired to my balcony with a book. Really nice to feel the sun on my skin again. I even took off my shirt and enjoyed sun on my upperbody. I only get the sun on my balcony until 1.00pm. If I want longer I have to move into the garden and try to fall asleep in the sun!

I started a new book. Here is a photo. I was given it some time ago. You can see the author’s name at the top and I translate the title as follows: “How was it really? Childhood and Youth in the 3rd Reich.” Although born with an aristocratic name, he lived with his parents, grandfather, and two uncles in a very small house in the south-east of Germany near to what is now the Czech border. He describes growing up in poverty and contrasts this with documents detailing the expansion of the then German state and preparations for war. It is really interesting how he contrasts the two. He also uses simple German so I can read his book without having to look in a dictionary.

On Thursday I met two nice ladies for lunch which this time only lasted for 4 hours! On Friday afternoon I met Johanna and we went to the next district to an opticians. You have to make an appointment now and only 2 people are allowed into the shop at any time – all because of corona virus. I have to wait for an e-mail telling me when to go there again for my new glasses. After that I went for a haircut at a barbers just opposite the optician. I got a nice short haircut – ideal for warmer weather. I met Johanna again yesterday afternoon for tea at my place then a gentle walk into a local park. Later this evening I have a meeting on Zoom. Next week I have no meetings so far. The sun is shining now so I’m off into the garden – with my book!

Jab 2

Apr 18 2021

I had my second anti-corona vaccine jab on Friday at 11.00am. Johanna went with me and it was nice to have her to talk to and hear her advice. We went there and back by taxi for this is provided by the Berlin government. Again I was surprised by how many ‘Oldies’ could only move with the help of sticks or wheel chairs or other aids. I have had no problems with the injection so far although I was tired yesterday and nodded off in the afternoon.

I checked my e-mails and found one from Ian. He is staying at his flat in Singapore at the moment. He sent a message wishing me all the best for my second jab and this photo of Tiger Beer, which I guess he drank after taking the shot. I am sure I drank this beer when I visited Singapore a few years ago. From there I flew to Sydney and stayed with him and Birgit at their house. Nice memories.

He also sends photos of interesting places in the area where he lives in Singapore. One was of a Sikh Temple or Gurdwara. Here is the shot. Ian and I share an interest in all things India. He had regular contacts to India as a child then as a teenager. Mine came when I was older. Looking at his local temple took me back to visiting The Golden Temple at Amritsar in the north-west of India. In fact I have visited it three times and always have memories of staring out over its little lake and noting the calm and peace. It is the preeminent spititual site of Sikhism.

Construction started in 1581 and it has an interesting history, including expansion and re-building. It is also next to Jallianwala Bagh (Garden) now famous for the massacre there in 1919. The Gov-General of Punjab was then Sir Michael O’Dwyer. He ordered the troops to the garden leading to the massacre.  That is why I never used my name when I was there. If you get the chance,  go to the Temple and enjoy its atmosphere. You can also get a free vegetarian lunch. Very nice!