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January 2023 Things

I had a nice, quiet relaxing Christmas. I spent Christmas Day at Johanna’s. She cooked a meal for us. I got 17 really nice cards which surprised me because I had earlier posted that I would not send out cards but give the money to children who needed food and clothes. Even so, thanks to all who did for they make me smile each time I look at them. I shall spend New Years Day at Johanna’s starting with a late breakfast then we are going to watch a concert. My next hospital appointment is on the 31st of January 2023, then there are others later. In mid-January I start my meetings with the two small groups of ladies who are working to improve their English. I’m looking forward to that for they are two interesting groups. We are having mixed weather here from very cold to 17 degrees today but that won’t last long!

Who has a birthday in January? Emma will be 5 years old on the 10th, Hannelore D. over in the south of France will be 80 on the 13th. Back in Berlin, Harald P. will be 58 on the 21st, on the 24th, back in Berlin, Dr Peter Schmidt will be 39. Over in New Zealand, Paul Bateson will be 38 on the 27th. Over in England, my niece Scarlet will be 15 on the 29th. Back in Berlin Frau Fox will be 83 on the 31st and so ends our birthday month. Cheers to each and all and Happy Birthday to each.