Left bed


It’s two weeks since I last posted to my blog. I’ve had my usual meetings plus a number of hospital-doctor meetings and I have more in December and January. Thank goodness Johanna was with me for she used to work at the hospital I go to and she understands medical German. She always explains it after every meeting. I want to change my health insurance so we went to my local branch last Thursday only to be told it is not possible! There are complications for the Ministry in London pays my health insurance company direct.

Have you been watching football? I have. I tune into a match each evening and I really like it no matter which team is playing. I shall watch this evenings match although I don’t know which teams are playing. It does n`t matter for they are all good. I recently got a messages from Colin and from Alan and Lynne when they returned to the UK. Many thanks  for thinking about me. It’s cold and we still have some snow. I can’t see many people walking along the streets. Enjoy the rest of your day.

UPDATE : I watched the match last night and was surprised by the English team. They played against Senegal in Kater and won 3:0. At the start of the game I thought Senegal would win but I was happy with the result. England are playing again on Saturday. I shall be watching – perhaps you will too!