Left bed


Since my last post the weather has been dry but cooler. I had a really nice meeting with the Ko-Gang on Sunday. The day before I went to Angelika’s birthday party. Wow, but is that an event. At lease 25 people there, they bring bottles of Sekt and prepare food at home and with lots of talking. Many are retired musicians – like Angelika. On Monday, Johanna dropped in to help with some paperwork. Big thanks to her. Today I bought new travel tickets then two bulbs for my kitchen lights. I also had my monthly feet manicure. I can recommend that. This evening there is a SPD Sommerfest which I shall go to.  Tomorrow the main event is a SPD boat trip for seniors. I shall be on that for sure. Moving to Friday, the big event is a meeting of the Ko-Gang in my garden – complete with bottles of Sekt. More of that later!