Left bed


Since my last post most things have been okay. I notice the weather is moving into cooler as we nudge into autumn, We are having more rain as well but then we need even more of that. Since my last post I have watched Labour International meetings covering a number of topics – and all on Zoom! Johanna has visited a number of times – mainly to help me with paperwork. We had a nice ‘Ko-Gang’ meeting on the 15th at Martina’s where we also enjoyed some Kurbis soup. I joined in an ELTABB meeting last Friday when we had to vote for two new board members. Last Sunday there was a LI General Committee meeting – again via Zoom and today Martina came to help me with some letters. She was standing in for Johanna who is on holiday all week. Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting some SPD Seniors to visit a local museum and on Wednesday I’m going to enjoy a concert in a local hall – classical music of course! Hope you have a happy time