Left bed


Just over a week since my last post. We’ve had some really hot weather which is breaking up now. On Friday 15th July I went to a ceremony to mark the opening of an office for a new SPD officer. Nice atmosphere, sekt and snacks. On Sunday 17th Imre visited and we went to a local Slovakian restaurant. He only had a large green salad then we came back to my place to relax in the sun.

Last Wednesday, Martina dropped in to help me understand a long and complex letter from a civil servant’s office. Why can’t they just write in simple language! Last Friday I went shopping in the afternoon and came home with my rucksack and two full shopping . I climbed the stairs until I reached the one before my door. There I slipped and fell heavily onto the final step. Not again!

Fortunately my neighbour heard this and climbed the steps to help me to get to my feet. Then she noticed blood running from just over my right eye and from my right hand. She was very concerned and later called the ambulance service. Two male nurses arrived with her and gave me a check-up. They put a big bandage on my hand and some elastoplatz on my head. I’m still making a recovery including stiff legs

On Sunday Johanna visited to tell me all about her recent holiday. We also drank a glass of sekt to celebrate a special day. Yes, it was 10 years since I got German citizenship. I’m still more than happy about that. It was a really nice ceremony There is a photo of me looking more than happy on the left column of my Blog.

Tomorrow is the last meeting with my Oldies to help them with English. We are meeting again on the 6th September. Some of them have made real progress and now say they want more speaking and listening activities. I would like to fly to the UK to visit my family and friends. Things are not good at the moment regarding flights. Perhaps it will get better over the next couple of weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Some of you my have noticed that there are less photos with my posts. Problems with both my cameras. Help Thorsten, I’m sure you will be able to make them function properly!