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September 2022 Things

We are moving into grey skies, thunder and its much cooler. I miss my sunshine, sitting in it and reading a book. I’m late with this post so let’s see what I missed. Last Thursday I met the Ko-Gang in my garden and had a really nice time just chatting, eating cakes they had brought and sipping some nice Sekt. On Saturday and Sunday I spent time in the garden and online to attend two LI meetings. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I met my Oldie English groups for more English lessons. It was nice to see them again and listen to them talking about holidays and travel – but only in English of course! I have a lazy next couple of days so it is a pity I can’t sit in the sun!

Who has a birthday in September? Lynne started the month with her 75th on the 1st. She and Alan are now in Australia visiting their sons and grandchildren. Have a great time Lynne. Back in England, Charlotte was 30 on the 6th, a day she shared with Nevand, who was 18. Arancha also celebrated her 38th birthday on the 6th. Back in Berlin, Andrea celebrated her 37th on the 8th. Over in Bremen, Gabi will celebrate her 56th on the 11th. Over to Cambridge and we find my nephew Stephan hitting 52 on the 22nd, followed by Robert Gast in Berlin who will be 44 on the 23rd. Staying in Berlin we find Sylvana hitting 62 on the 25th. Back to Cambridge to find my sister’s husband, Lew celebrating on the 27th. My nephew Jefferson will celebrate his 49th with his family  on the 29th and so ends the birthday month of September 2022.

Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are!