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I bought a new kind of travel ticket last Wednesday. Berlin has five main forms of transport. 1) The S-Bahn – this travels overground. 2) The U-Bahn – this travels underground. 3) Regional trains. 4) Trams – mainly in what is the eastern part of the city. 5) Buses. You could buy different tickets to travel on the system and at different prices. Now there is going to be a change. I think it is an experiment to see how the public responds. So far it seems they are very positive. From the 1st June you can travel with a €9.00 ticket which is valid for a month. For me it means I save €18.00 per month. Wow! The project is advertised to last 3 months. I hope it is extended – and I think I am not the only one!

I’ve had a mainly quiet week with more time at home due to cold windy weather in the last two days. More reading and meeting Oldies to help them with English for their holidays. Thursday was a public holiday called Christi Himmelfahrt for the religious and Father’s Day for others. All the shops and many restaurants were closed making it a very quiet day. This morning I went shopping and noticed the price of food is rising again. I have a nice visitor tomorrow morning. Yes, Jan is saying hello before he leaves for the airport and joining his family. He has been here for a few days to attend a ‘Boys Reunion’ That means meeting all ‘The Boys’ from his school for a once a year meeting. Most are now married with children – like he is. Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow morning.