Left bed


I have to go to hospital tomorrow for 5 days! I was there today for about 4 hours when a number of doctors read the documents from my family doctor. They did a number of other tests before they agreed that I could go home and pack some clothes for a longer stay. They seem to be concerned at the swelling of water in my stomach and legs. They said they wanted to do a series of tests and that took time. I’m not looking forward to 5 days in a hospital. I had the experience a number of years ago and didn’t like it. Stay healthy.

UPDATE I’m back home. I left on time and got to the hospital on time but I went into the wrong building and wandered around asking for help. Finally a nice young lady was able to help and took me to the correct building which was next door to where I was. She asked a few other nurses if they had seen the doctor looking for me. They said ‘Yes, he’s in  there’, so finally we met again. He told me there were no  vacant beds but that he had booked me in for next Wednesday = 2nd November and I should come to the hospital at 08.30. I replied, “WOT” in a loud voice and he just smiled. And so I picked up my bag with extra clothes in and made my way back home. Now I have to cancel other meetings for 5 days next week. Stay healthy!