Left bed


Since my last post I’ve done a number of things and been surprised by late birthday presents. Two Fridays ago I went to a Reha Centre to register my documents so I could send to my Medical Insurance Company and hope they reply next week. I then joined a LI meeting via Zoom before watching a football match on TV.

Sunday was a lazy day with walks around the garden when not reading a book on my balcony.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I helped some ‘Oldies’ with some English problems – same as usual – and went shopping. The weather was changeable and not as hot as in the last couple of days = 34°C

On Wednesday, one of the ‘Oldies’ took me into town to find a special whiskey shop. I had just got a note that Ian had sent me a voucher to use in that shop in exchange for whiskey. What a nice surprise! I decided it would have to be from Ireland and brands that I didn`t know. It did not take long to find a couple of bottles  and here is a photo of what I got. BIG thanks to you Ian!

Today would be my Mother and Father’s birthday. Yes, they had the same birthday. Mother would be 104 and Father would be 110. Happy Birthday!