Left bed


It was snowing again a short time ago. It also snowed in the last two nights. The temperature has dropped to minus in the last couple of days. I’ve had some nice messages since my last post when I said I had been in hospital. We now have a sky of white clouds against a nice blue sky. Hope it stays like that for the next couple of days. One doctor said I needed to do some gentle movement, but not in a snow-storm! I have little to report about next week. Same meetings as usual, which are nice to attend, so time to close down and report as things happen.

FUSSBALL – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you the FIFA World Football cup started a couple of days ago. I watched England win and yesterday I was disappointed to see Australia lose. I’m sure Colin felt the same. I’ve just watched Germany lose 1:2 against Japan. There are many more games to enjoy.

FRIDAY: I hope you turn your TV on this evening to watch a very special football match. At 8.00 pm German time, you can watch England play the USA. I shall be glued to my TV. I have no idea what the result could be.