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November 2022 Things

The sun is shining, there are a few clouds and it is cool – but there is no rain. The BBC is broadcasting some special programs to celebrate 100 years since it started. Interesting to listen to some of the early programs. Johanna is coming later for a cup of tea and she is bringing some apple cake to go with it.  Yummi ! Daniel is visiting on Tuesday morning. Always nice to see him and catch up on his uni studies. On Wednesday I have to be in a  hospital for 5 days – as I told you in my last post.

Who has a birthday in November? Daniel starts us off with his 26th birthday on the 2nd of November. Over in the Netherlands, Jeff will be celebrating his 67th on the 18th with lots of family and friends. Over in London, Sarah Cooper will be sipping a glass of Sekt on the 22nd to celebrate her 62nd birthday. Here in Berlin, Stephen Seitz will raise a glass on the 29th to celebrate his 65th. Well done Stephen, you made it! And so ends the birthday month. Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are!