Left bed


The weather has changed in the last couple of days. From 34° to 20°C, cloudy and grey. I like the sun and heat – it is summer and not winter! I also made a couple of attempts to book a flight to the UK via my travel company. I had to cancel as the flights were cancelled. I think I’ll try in September.

I’ve had three visits to Drs since my last post. Two to my own Dr and one to a specialist to check my heart and veins. He found nothing wrong so I have to give my Doc a note from him, which I shall do on Monday morning. Johanna was with me on my Doc visits for she certainly knows more than I do – she was a nurse many years ago!

I also switched on Zoom to watch a number of Labour International meetings and discussions such as ‘Action for Lifelong Health and Social Care’. Very interesting and it is good that members have the chance to say what they think. I’m going to a concert next week. First in a number of months. Its classic concert with mixed composers – and yes I am going with my Ko-Gang!

I’ve also been invited to the local SPD Summer Festival on the 30th August. Looking forward to that and meeting lots of members again. I have a quiet weekend in front of me which I am looking forward to – all I need is more sun! Have a quiet, happy weekend!

Rain – It’s raining and the temperature is dropping. That has given me the chance to do the weekly washing and hide on the balcony. There is a lot of sport on TV this afternoon and evening including a football match between 2 German teams, I shall watch that. Stay dry.