Left bed


I recently came back from my local hospital. The story begins with yesterday evening. I live in a flat owned by a housing cooperative called the EVM and it has a group of elected people called Vertrater = representative. I am one. There was a Versammlung (assembly) yesterday evening for the first time in 2 years – we had always met via Zoom. It was held in a big restaurant on the opposite side of the city. Rene, who is also a representative, picked me up in his car and we set off on the journey for an hour. Lots of talking and there were snacks and drinks to order. I only ordered two glasses of white wine. Then it was time to go.

I got home about 11.00pm and went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Then I turned to my left and slipped hitting my head, arm, leg on the floor and side of the bath. I lay on my back and could not move! I couldn’t get to my phones to call for help. After trying to crawl to the phones I gave up and slept on the floor. I woke at 6.30 and tried to move. No success but I kept on trying and finally found I could move on my hands on the floor. I made it to my telephones and called the ambulance service. Two nice ambulance men got into my room and helped me dress and then go into the ambulance. I was taken to my local hospital and the lengthy process of checking my medical history and health condition began. It ended with nothing new broken and being allowed home. What a day. I don’t want another like it!!