Left bed


It’s been very hot here. Really nice when you think of the cold weather in winter. We have a problem with water supply – not enough of it. Last Friday the Ko-Gang met at Johanna’s for a nice lazy breakfast then on Tuesday I met her to go to a specialist shop. There I had my toe-nails cut and toes cleaned. Since my accident I can’t do this alone! On Wednesday, Thorsten arrived to work on some TV and camera problems. It was nice to see him again and sip a drop of Red Medicine. Hope to have more soon! I notice there has been more football on TV recently and not just the English Women’s championship. For example, I watched a match between two German teams yesterday evening.

Who has a birthday in August? Shirley in Florida started with her 83rd on the 1st August – sorry for being late Shirley! She was followed by Beatrix Dames on the 6th in Berlin. Peter and Andre celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary on the 9th, Martina Müller will be 74 on the 19th (She`s part of my Ko-Gang) Andrea and Marco celebrate 7 years of marriage on the 23rd – plus two little treasures – Angelika in Berlin will be 70 on the 25th, followed by my sister Pauline who will be 78 on the 26th in Cambridge. Dieter in Jüterbog will be 78 on the 27th, and my wonderful Jan ends the birthday month – again with two treasures on the 28th who will be 39,  Happy Birthday no matter where you are!