Left bed


I’m back home. I was allowed out of hospital at 12 noon on Monday 7th November. Was I glad to arrive home. I am still having leg and body swollen water problems but I hope this will disappear over time. My last day at the hospital was terrible. I had a double room and spent nearly every day alone, then the worst day. A large man was moved into my room and spent most of the time snoring – day or night! In addition, a women was moved into a room at the end of the ward and spent all evening and night shouting, ‘HELP!!!!’ I don’t know how I managed to sleep but I did!

Next day I met Johanna and we went to my local bank to sort out gas payments.Then I met a ‘Gang’ at my AWO followed by another one on Wednesday and today I have been to my ‘Physiotherapeutin’. Tomorrow we are going to my family doctor to give him some papers from the hospital and discover what they have to say. Last night I watched a really good football match on TV. Bayern beat Bremen 6:1. I wonder if there is another such game on TV this evening? Keep healthy.