Left bed


It gets cooler as each week goes by, but we now have blue sky and sunshine. The trees are turning brown and they are shedding their leaves. Last week was as most but with one exception. That was my visit to the Physiotherapist on Thursday afternoon. I had a new doctor who was very pleasant and explained why he was moving my legs in the way he did. I have another five appointments and hope he is my doctor for each one. He said I could also walk more and keep my legs warm in the evening when I watch TV. Later this afternoon I shall walk to my local Italian restaurant to meet Uli and others in the Mug-Gang. At the moment they are on a bicycle ride and we have agreed to meet there at 5.00pm. Looking forward to that and hearing all their news. Next week is again nothing special except for a SPD60+ meeting in the afternoon and a discussion with our deputy mayor followed by `Kaffee und Kuchen´I hope they have some apple cake!