Left bed

Big Game

Well,  the `Big Game´ starts this evening. I wonder how many million people will be watching it. After the game I shall try to activate Skype so I can talk to my nephew. He is my brother’s son and now shares their family house with him. Skype is just another program I have to learn. I also need to learn how to use a Smartphone. Mine is connected to Aldi-Talk so I have also to learn that.

Nothing special to report about last week. I went to a couple of Christmas parties which I enjoyed, and I was also given presents which I shall open on Christmas Day. I think I told you that I am not sending out anymore cards. Instead I shall use the money to buy presents for children who come from very poor families and who need food and clothes. I`m sure you understand. We are having a real cold period here. For example, it snowed – again- last night and the snow has not moved during the day. Can’t wait for the sun to shine! Keep warm.