Left bed


The last 11 days have been more of the same. Lots of reading, helping some Oldies with English, walking in the garden and having meals with Johanna or Martina and Jutta. Also some visits from Thorsten to help with laptop-smartphone problems but I was invited to his very nice flat last Sunday. We relaxed on his balcony and sipped some nice ‘Red Medicine’ while we chatted about many things.

Before my visit I had taken part in Labour International online meetings via Zoom and watched a football match on TV. It was Germany -vs- Italy and it was a good match. Last Monday we met at Martina’s to sip a range of mainly white German wines. Mmmm….very nice! On Thursday I went to my Drs. I am having leg problems = swelling and pain in bones. The Dr. said I had to do more movement/walking and register with a local practice which offers ‘Reha’ = organised movements, plus I got tablets against pain.

Yesterday I went to my local SPD event called Jahresempfang 2022. It was held in a restaurant with a very large garden in an area with weekend cottages. There were lots of members there and we were all met with a glass of sekt. It was nice to relax in the sunny garden, sip sekt and chat to people I knew but had not seen for a long time because of Carona. This afternoon I am joining another LI meeting and this evening I shall be relaxing again as I watch Germany play Hungary at football.

Yesterday I took a couple of photos I wanted to post with this text but I could not transfer them to my laptop. Another problem —- HELP Thorsten!