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Another Week

Another week and a few days have gone by. The period started with a haircut the day after I left hospital. I went to my usual hairdresser to find a new young man waiting to shorten my locks! He came from Vietnam so we had a good chat about life there compared to Germany. He gave me a short haircut, as I requested, and I shall ask for him again. On Sunday there was a Muggelsee Gang Meeting at a restaurant called Woltersdorf Schlüsse in a village called —– yes, you guessed right —— Woltersdorf. There was an open picnic area so the Gang spread their food onto cloths and enjoyed the sunshine and view onto the lake. Very nice.

On Monday I met Thorsten who helped me again with how to use a Smartphone. It’s amazing how much he knows about phones, laptops and computers. On Tuesday and Wednesday I met my small groups of seniors to help them with English. The rest of the week was quiet with meetings with Johanna and Martina to help me with some letters and paperwork.

Yesterday I went onto a Zoom meeting organised by Labour International. The topic was health care and social welfare. Interesting discussion. The weather changed over the last couple of days. Rain and storms and cooler. Looking forward to more sun.