Left bed


Jun 10 2011

Shopping as therapy!

Thanks to all who sent messages in response to my fall. Very much appreciated. Last Wednesday was the worst day. I should have been on the flight to Nice, but I was still in Berlin. I felt depressed, slow, didn’t  know what I wanted to do and very tired after not sleeping properly for a week.

I took all the tablets prescribed and slowly noticed an improvement. I began to sleep in more than two hour sessions, but could still not sleep lying on my bed! Good job I have a nice leather sofa!

Today I had my first physi session with the ‘Boss’. He is blind but you would never know it when you meet him. The session was perfect and I hope he helps me in the remaining four meetings. He has a perfect mix between talking to you and probing, finding the problems and giving the right treatment.

Then I went to my local shopping area, checked my bank account, smiled, and went shopping as therapy! It worked. First stop was a department store with very fine mens perfumes! A heavy overdosing on the Hugo Boss range which started from €74 per bottle began the process of ‘spirit uplifting’!

A saunter to the next aisle and I added on overdose of Wolfgang Joop coming in at nearly the same price! The depression began to lift. I have learnt not to mix too many and only stay in the finer,  expensive range – and that is what I did.

I moved two floors above to the ‘Gentlemen’s Department’. They were having a sale. I looked through a number of clothes then found two things I decided I had to have both for quality and reduced price. The first was an ‘Esprit’ sweater in a simple classic design, and cream coloured. Perfect for my mood!

Then, with the help of an ‘elderly assistant’, I found the last ‘Rovers and Lakes’ shirt in classic blue and white stripes.  I paid €19,00 in total! The full price was €59,00! It pays to shop around, but then again I was just in the right store at the right time – as opposed to being in the wrong street at the wrong time a week ago when I had my fall!

I then went into a store selling everything to do with electronic gadgets. I found an electronic weighting machine reduced to €9,- and thought this really was my day. I wandered around the store and found the laptop section.

Oh la la….a special offer of a laptop from Compaq Presario and at the crazy prize of  €299,-.  I decided this last generation laptop was not really the machine I was looking for. Let’s see what is on offer in July/August when I return from the UK.

Finally, a photo of breakfast on my balcony this morning. Just the right temperature and conditions to enjoy a simple but traditional breakfast before I set off to my doctors and shopping as therapy!