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Mar 30 2011

Wünsdorf – 5

The first two photos are of the entrance and exit to the whole complex.

You emerge into the light from the tunnel to the Soviet Bunker within two minutes walk to the nearby complex of nice flats, shops and bookstores.

Many of the properties are old but have been modernised to attract new tenants. Some are new.

In 1989, the local government started a project to attract tourism to the area. New restaurant and stores were built.

Now Wünsdorf is gaining a name as a centre for buying and selling books. This brings many local tourists and of course they need restaurants, cafes, bars.

These are now there complete with some interesting museums that have been created out of the old barracks housing soldiers.

 The days of being a centre for different military commands is over. The area is now trying to find a new identity and survive.  I can recommend a visit to both ‘old’ and ‘new’ Wünsdorf.