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Oct 29 2009

A Day in Worin

I had a really interesting day in Worin today. Where is it? Drive from Berlin east towards the Polish border and stop just before the border and head north, drive for five minutes and stop. You will be in Worin with its 400 inhabitants.

Why today? Because Marita wanted to visit Bärbel who is facing a difficult operation and Marita is on holiday this week because the kids have a weeks holiday from school. She called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go with her. I answered, ‘Of course’, so she picked me up and off we went.

It is at least five years since I saw Bärbel in her wonderful old Brandenburg village house. If only this house was in Berlin I would buy it somehow. Bärbel and her husband have a two storey barn as big as the house which they have converted into a huge  workroom with a guest room in the top floor and a workshop in the bottom floor. There are books everywhere and I counted at least three workrooms with computers.

Marita wanted to visit Bärbel because of her illness and just to relax in the country. We were warmly greeted and then had a light lunch of green bean soup with a dry white wine and fresh fruit salad to follow. Later we went for a walk and then I took these photos of the village and area. One is of a house in the village, the local church with its wooden spire and finally the local lake.

Back in the house we enjoyed fresh ground coffee and apple cake and lots more talking until I had to drag Marita towards her car for she wanted to be in Berlin to pick something up from a bookshop she had ordered. We hit Berlin and the bookshop a few minutes after it had closed. Ah …well….at least it was a special day with Bärbel in her village and perhaps we’ll meet there again next summer.