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Wine and autumn

Nov 22 2009

Days of wine and summer autumn

Yes, autumn is the time we reap the benefit of summer, sun and the vineyards. I noticed ‘Eiswein’ in my local shops last week. This reminded me of visits to Jan’s grandparents many years ago in the north of Hungary when I tried to learn something about viticulture. His grandfather was a master and had a wonderful wine cellar near the local church. Ah…. memories!

It is also the time to taste the latest produce from La Belle Francais! I am sure Peter and Hannelore will be testing the local wines in Provence. I had to settle for the ‘neu Beaujolais’ either Village or Primeur available in Berlin from last Thursday.

My verdict is that it is okay to sip with friends but it lacks the stronger aftertaste that matured wines offer. Two glasses of the ‘neu Beaujolais’ were enough for me. What about you, Andrew and Adele – have you tried it yet?