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Mar 15 2010

Whiskey Worship

Ian and Birgit had met Trish in London before they left for Austria. She asked them to buy me a bottle of Glenfiddich, which they did at the Duty Free Shop and delivered a nice liter bottle. A BIG thanks to you Trish for I know you will read these lines sometime when you return to Datca in Turkey. Very generous of you.

We cooked together most evenings and drank local red wine with our meal, but talked about ‘cracking the bottle’ before we left. This did not happen so I brought the full bottle back for a special event here in Berlin.

I decided to show Trish my appreciation visually, so I came up with this shot of me worshiping at the holy whiskey shrine! Hope it makes you smile.

When not spending time together in the chalet, we spent the days in different classes and usually met for lunch in the top restaurant. On the last day, we decided to meet in the afternoon for a ‘photo shoot’.

I took some photos of The Gang and asked a passing skier to take one of us all. This is the result.

I like the composition – there is a lot of movement in the picture. It is very natural.