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Jan 30 2011

Ubuntu verus Skype

Compatibility problems between Ubuntu and Skype are driving me crazy!  I recently posted about changing the operating system for my ‘baby’ Asus Eee PC.

I changed to standard Ubuntu then found it too large for my machine, so I changed to Xubuntu and then had problems with Skype for Linux. Solution: change to Ubuntu for Netbooks and then I had other problems of keys not working and other bugs.

So what did I then do? You guessed right. I re-loaded Xubuntu. I like this OS more than the others but again the problem of running Skype on it. It comes with Skype for Linux, which according to the Skype web page is the latest version. But it doesn’t recognise the inbuilt camera, microphone of the Asus and that is all to do with OS compatibility.

 I only use the netbook when I travel so I only need Skype, a writing programme and internet connection for online e-mails. That is all. But the main thing I need when travelling doesn’t function with my preferred OS. Grrrrh!

I’ve already had help and advice from Ines, Stefan and Arno but the matter is still not resolved. Perhaps this week when I meet Stefan for a special ‘problem solving’ meeting on Thursday morning.

With problems like this I can understand why ‘Otto Normal-Verbraucher’ just keeps buying Window OS machines.