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Topping a Lap

Jul 31 2011

Some of you will know that one of my hobbies is destroying computers! I have posted pics of Jan and I working with hammers on these machines and with ‘auch’ comments from Sven in the comment box:-)

This time I decided to ‘Top my Laptop’ alone. A great feeling – try it! It was sad to force open the insides of my trusty Asus, which I have used for over 5 years. I posted its death on this blog earlier.

I replaced it with an Acer Aspire, which I am using to post to this blog. First time I have used it for writing the blog. The Acer has a 16:9 screen. I prefer the old square window of my Asus, but I am slowly getting to know the Acer.

I prepared for the event by getting my toolbox into the kitchen and finding the main tools I would need to end the Asus. I needed some time to remove lots of little screws so I could get into the machine. I quickly removed the screen from the main housing.

But the Asus fought back and I cut myself on some parts of the machine. You can see a photo of my hand bleeding and drops of blood on the table. 

Inside I found a treasure trove of circuits and welded on bits. I quickly found the mother board and removed it. This was then destroyed. I shall be taking all the remains to a local computer shop.

The owner has offered me €30,- for the bits and pieces of any value. The rest he will send to a special recycling centre. Bye bye Ausus!