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Tony in Berlin

Sep 13 2009

Tony in Berlin

Nice evening with Prof. Dr. Tony last Thursday. He was on a quick visit to a conference in Potsdam so we met up for a chat, meal and of course a good Berlin beer! We last met 26 years ago when we graduated from Sussex.

As expected, he returned to the US and started on a successful academic career so that he is now a full Professor. On the way he married and has a son and daughter. We have kept in touch with each other via Ian of London Banker fame. As soon as we met and started to talk it was is if we had last seen each other only 26 weeks before! I took a few photos of him so that he could show them to his daughter.

Typical tourist views but nice non-the-less. We shall be keeping in touch more often and he invited me to stay with him and his family next spring. Thanks for a great evening Tony and hope to see you next on your home ground.