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May 09 2011

The  BIG Day

And lo, the day cameth! I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Thanks to the eighteen who sent cards-gave presents, and nine of you who called to wish me all the best.

As I sat in the sun on my balcony yesterday morning, I realised that this was the first time in years that I had been at home for my birthday. Last year I was in Baton Rouge, the year before in Turkey, the year before that in Majorca and so on.  Next year I hope to celebrate my birthday in Hungary.

I tried to sleep late yesterday, but it didn’t work so I wandered onto the balcony and sat in the sun. I added a pot of tea, a buttered bun and then a book. I read and nodded off until the sun disappeared behind the house early afternoon.

Then into action. Shower, new light summer clothes including my chic M&S shorts, quick tidy up then into the garden to clean up the table and benches. Placed cloths on the tables and benches then added cushions. Brought lots of dishes, cutlery and placed on the side table, then waited for the first visitors.

I have never been one for parties. The biggest I ever had was my fortieth celebrated over two days in Hapur then Meerut, but even then I didn’t organise it! This time I told people to just drop in and bring something to eat. They did!

After a glass of sekt with nibbles, we had the traditional Kaffee und Kuchen. Allowing twenty minutes for digestion, I suggested we try the first Gin and Tonic of the year. Here you can see a nice photo of me offering the obligatory Gordons and Schweppes. I didn’t need to offer twice.

Later we moved into my living room for a meal two guests had brought. Here is a pic of some of the food. I end this report with a photo of a present. A bunch of roses to which I added a book.

This is my new book. It is a history of ideas and will certainly take me through this month for there are 1015 pages to read. Nicht schlecht, John!