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Strausberg in winter

Jan 03 2009

I went to Strausberg today

I just had to get out of Berlin after spending a number of days at home getting over a bad cold and so I went to my favourite place to the east of Berlin. I also wanted to breath some fresh, cold air coming from the lakes, woods and fields around Strausberg. I feel better for it!

I also had time to reflect on recent events as I sat in the quiet of the lake and town. Some are not so good and some appear to be better. In the first group I put family who do strange things, friends in the UK and Berlin who ‘drop off the radar’ of contacts with no explanation and those who I don’t want to have any contact with who suddenly pop up as if nothing had happened!

In the second group I include travel plans for 2009. These include taking Hans to the south of Turkey for his birthday at the beginning of May, visiting Jan and seeing New York and Boston in June, going to the UK in July or August for I want to spend some time with Alan and Lynne and family in the north again. Last year was good and I would like to repeat the nice experience.

It was an interesting day at the lake, which ended at my favourite family cafe where the owners asked why I hadn’t been there since early summer. Nice to be remembered!