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Still learning

Feb 13 2010

Still learning

In addition to learning in Stefan’s Friday Photoshop Gang, I go to workshops organised by language learning publishers and those of our teachers’ organisation – ELTABB. Today there was a big name speaker so off I went and had a great day.

Scott Thornbury is a teacher-trainer, conference speaker and author. He is very entertaining in addition to being thought provoking. His main theme is expressed in the term ‘dogma’ which is based on a film production movement and is really about going back to basics by letting students explore language and for a teacher to use them as the teaching resource. A form of teaching/learning ‘minimalism’!

I took some photos for our ELTABB photo database and decided to reduce a couple and share with you. You can see part of the audience and Scott in full flow. We retired to a restaurant on Kitty-Kollwitz-Platz and enjoyed some tasty food, beer and wine, in addition to intelligent conversation – of course!