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Spring Moves

Mar 21 2011

Spring moves and travel plans

It is 21st March and spring is officially here. Great! Warm weather, blue sky and sunshine in Berlin at the moment, and forecast to continue for a few days.

Not happy to read about the storms in Sydney at the moment, and worry about the safety of Daniel, who lives there. Terrible news from Japan, then dangerous weather reports from Australia and New Zealand. What is happening?

Daniel, have a look at the spring flowers appearing in my lawn at the entrance to my flat. Always a nice sign.

Also have a smile at the addition to my balcony flower boxes. Tired of seeing them empty over winter, so I added a little humour and colour before I later fill them with flowers for summer.

Spring brought on thoughts of travel so I booked flights in June. First half I shall be with Hannelore and Peter in Claviers, which is in the south of France. I visited them two years ago if you remember.

Here you can see my booking forms and a photo of Hannelore relaxing on the new Terrace, in addition to a postcard showing you all of the great town of 680 inhabitants!  I plan to hire a little car and set off for a three day adventure. Should be interesting.

On my return to Berlin, I have enough time to re-pack my bags then fly to England. I shall be with family in Liverpool before staying with Fran and Geoff in my ‘Heimat’.

Going to stay with Alan and Lynne and maybe take in a trip to the north to see Peter and Freda. I shall later hire a car and head south. I wonder if a certain couple will be at home in Cambridge or on another cruise to explore more of the world 🙂

I plan to enjoy July in Berlin and am working on plans to travel again in late summer – but that is all in the planning stage at the moment. Let’s see what happens!