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Ski Fashion

Mar 15 2010

Ski Fashion and the future

On the first day, Ian told me I had brought the wrong socks. I subsequently bought the right ones! Then the plastic in my goggles broke. I would have had to wait a week for a replacement so I threw them away. I now have to buy new goggles for the next season.

 I didn’t have a helmet. I was one of the few on the slopes not so equipped. Very different from my last turn out seven years ago, when almost no-one wore a helmet.

Ian and Birgit wore the latest fashion, including one piece leggings. Ian had a good laugh when he saw that I was wearing knee length shorts, so allowing free movement of the knee before the lower leg disappeared into the long ski socks. This was also permissible when I stopped skiing seven years ago.

How times and fashions have changed!  have decided to return to the ski slopes next winter. I, therefore, have time to consider sartorial matters such as my outfit.

Suzi took a photo of me posing and sipping from my Flachmann, which I like. Here it is next to a picture I took from a newspaper about how the elegant man will appear on the piste next winter.  Ian, you may notice he is wearing shorts, as I was – but in my case under my ski trousers. I shall equip myself suitably and see you all on the piste next season! Pip-pip!!