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Apr 24 2011


I went there on the Wednesday before Easter. It was a quick decision for the evening before I got an e-mail saying my computer course had been cancelled.

 I heard about Schlaubertal from one of my Friday Oldies, so after breakfast I packed my rucksack and off I went.

Where/What is Schlaubertal? It is a 60 km flat valley with a small river linking a number of lakes until the water runs into a river and canal to the north of the the Tal = Valley. You can see it on the map.

I took the train to Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, which is on the Polish border. Then a bus south until Müllrose.

This is an old market town for cereals and a large flour mill is still there. There is a walk way – Wanderweg – on one side of Müllrose Lake.

I walked along it with stops to admire the view and wonderful sunny weather.

The sky was a perfect blue with no cloud to be seen. One of those rare spring days with colours we need time to get used to, after the long cold winter days.

I include a photo of the train so you can see the inside of one of our red regional trains – please note, Andrew!

I include a few others of the landscape in that area. I want to go back but next time with my bicycle for there are many cycle tracks down the Schlaubertal.