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Mar 30 2010

Walking in Rüdnitz

Last Saturday I joined six others in need of movement and fresh air. The previous evening I was in the Komische Oper and enjoyed the concert and a drink later with Angelika and some of her friends. I was ready for a change and looking forward to a walk.

We met at Rüdnitz railway station and set off. We did a zig-zag circle around Rüdnitz and wandered through typical Brandenburg landscape for about 15 klm. Here is a photo of the landscape. I think one is enough for the rest of the area looks just the same! We ended up nearly where we started.

Near the station is a horse breeding centre and riding school with a small restaurant. Solid well cooked food and I did what I always do when I don’t know the quality of the restaurant. which is to order a Schnitzel. You can’t do much damage to one of those. I ordered ‘chips’ and a salad to go with it.

Wow, but was I surprised. It was advertised as ‘small’ but looked anything but small when it arrived. It tasted very good. It was thin and almost melted in the mouth. I managed to eat it with the salad but left most of the chips. And so ended a very pleasant day with some interesting people.