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Rathaus Köp

Dec 26 2009

Rathaus Lunch

On Monday 21 December, I went to Hans’ home as per each Monday. This time there was the bonus of Hans calling me on the way to say that his sister was coming to visit him. What a nice surprise, and I actually met her as we got out of the same S-Bahn. Time for a quick chat as we walked to his door.  I then left them alone for some time before I rang again.

We had talked via his mobile the day before and agreed on a small excursion. His sister is called Karin and she agreed to come with us. I noticed that Hans had showered, put on new clothes and cleaned his room before I arrived. Signs of progress! Pleased with what I saw, we then went to the tram and got out at Rathaus Köpenick.

We went into the Ratskeller and ordered a meal and drink. It was really nice. It was decorated for Christmas and there were many other diners. Karin and I did a lot of talking. Mainly catching up on her family news. Hans looked on happily as he ate his meal and drank beer.

It was a very pleasant atmosphere and I took a few photos. I have since sent the larger versions to Karin, so she can send them on to other family members, but here you can see the smaller versions.