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May 15 2011

Birthday Present

I bought myself a birthday present. I went to Aldi and bought a Medion Wireless LAN Internet Radio. It was on special offer and I had asked Stefan, our Photoshop Guru, for his opinion. He gave it the thumbs up, so off I went with the cash in my hot little hand!

I spent four hours that evening reading every word in the instruction book. Congratulations to whoever wrote it for you can understand the text! But, on following all the instructions I could not get a connection over my LAN. Despair spread as I failed to connect over a cable.

After sleeping on the problem, and finding out how long I had to get my money back, I decided the problem was something to do with my router. I talked to Guru Stefan and he suggested I call him on Tuesday to see about bringing it to him so he could check the radio.

Meanwhile, the weekend came and I celebrated my birthday and tried not to eat and drink like a pig – I succeeded, but it was hard! The day after my birthday I bumped into Andreas. He lives nearby and I know he is a bit of a ‘computer buff’. He came around and did all the right things. It still didn’t connect.

He decided to take it with him and test it at home in case something on my router was blocking connection = the same thinking as Stefan. Next day he arrived for a coffee and to say it worked with no problems at his home. Mmmmh!

And so we opened the router. Clicked on all kinds of things and changed WEP to WAP and then more clicking….it still didn’t connect. Then under the Security button I asked him why the MAC Filter was on. He said it was extra security to stop any machine entering my LAN which was not on my list.

We looked at each other and then came the AHA!! moment. We un-clicked this and the radio went onto my LAN. Big smiles :-))  I can listen to as many as 13,000 radio stations – but not at the same time of course!

You can add up to 20 stations to your favourite list and even listen to music on  your MP3 Player via a USB connection.  I tried it all and it works. I have even added it to my Cambridge External Speaker system (See last Photo) and the Medion Radio takes it with no problem. What a nice present I bought for myself!