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Photoshop Group

Nov 21 2009

The Friday Photoshop Gang

Now I have photos of all the members. I took them just before we started our lesson last Friday. This is the first post for two weeks. Mmmmh — I wonder if that is a record?

The ‘Boss’ of the Friday Gang is Stefan. There is a good shot of him rolling his eyes upwards as if wondering if we will ever learn it all! We shall Stefan – one day we shall. Just give us more time!

There is also a really nice photo of Waltraud and Kurt Schröder, showing how happy they are to be a couple after many years! Another is of Helga with Maria Gebhard, who sits on my right in the lesson.

Joel (who sits on my left) and Susan make a nice smiling couple who you know from my earlier post. Jörg Müller completes the line up and you can see him on the Stefan photo. Jörg is the most advanced in the group and surprised us all last Friday by showing the short animation he had made.