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Paul in Pakistan

Oct 18 2008

Paul sent photos from Pakistan

I took them from his facebook account and find them a really great set of photos to show we armchair travellers what is is like in that part of the world. Well done Paul and it seems that your stomach problem is now over. He either tells me of news and sends photos in an e-mail or notifies me via facebook, so I am happy to share these views with you. I selected five interesting ones of the thirteen I got.

They show him in what we called the foothills of the Himalayas (in my day!) or what some call the Kamarokooran, but whatever you say, they are in the north of Pakistan and border onto China and Afghanistan. I know he wants to go to Kazakhstan so I wonder which route he is actually taking. Me thinks over Afghanistan for he is wearing some Afghani style clothes in a few photos. Mmmmh still a dangerous route. More news please Paul – and take care of yourself!