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Nov 05 2010


Nice to see all of the ‘Photoshop Gang’ this afternoon.  Before the lesson, Stefan helped me to sort out the problem of my Ubuntu OS not recognizing the in-built camera in my ‘baby’ Asus. I hadn’t activated the driver/Treiber. Easy when you know how!

We learnt something about working with photos to form a panorama today. I think I shall experiment with this when I have taken a range of photos. We started by forming a panorama from 5 photos taken outside our meeting rooms. Having done that we moved onto the harder task of forming a panorama from 20 photos.

Hard work for the computer, and the programme, but we all succeeded. Here you can see my results. My programme at home worked just as hard to reduce the two images so I could meet the limits for posting to this blog. Any more comments from you, Jan?