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Oranienburg garden

Aug 02 2009

Landesgartenschau 2009 Oranienburg

Yesterday I went to the garden exhibition at Oranienburg, next to the Schloss. It was my second visit to the town but my first to the garden exhibition. The first visit to the town was on Herren Tag in May and I reported this on my blog.

I went with a small group with a leader who talked about the different kinds of plants/flowers/trees on show and what it all meant in terms of growing in harmony with each other. Nice idea – pity that people can’t do it! The weather was perfect for such a day and I really enjoyed it. At the end of the day we stopped at a Thai restaurant one of the party knew.

I discovered he is married to a Thai lady and speaks the language and they also have a house somewhere in Thailand and so spend half of the year there. He explained a lot about Thai food, for I have no idea, and with his help I ordered something he said was typical but not difficult to digest. It was delicious! The perfect end to a remarkable day.

Last Thursday I went with many from the same group to the Natural History Museum in Berlin to see a special exhibition about Charles Darwin and his successors. It really was outstanding and can only recommend it to all who might be in Berlin before the end of the year when it ends.

Although I know quite a lot about his adventures in the Beagle and the development of the theory of evolution, I still learnt new things and found the presentation clear even though the subject is not always simple to understand – or so it seems to the simple minded religious drum beaters who still believe/think that the earth is only 6,000 years old!