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May 22 2011

Becoming an Oldie!

When I worked on the photos taken in Köpenick with Andrea yesterday, I noticed my receding hairline, gray hair and more lines on/in my face. It took me back to my last birthday and discussing this topic with some other ‘oldies’! I add a few photos which show this.

It also came up in conversation last Friday during the Marzahn garden gallop. I am not the only one in the group to go to  an ‘oldie’ fitness training course. The consensus was that you have to keep moving and try to keep fit.

Sounds like good advice to each and all of us, but I was left with how one deals with clear evidence of ageing. I have just checked the word/spelling in the British National Corpus and found 1253 examples of its use.  Some are very funny!

I think each of us has to deal with it and there is no simple remedy or solution. Now that sounds nice and rational, and I wrote those words immediately. Glad my rational self is so quick, but my irrational self still has doubts and is unsure about how I am dealing/will deal with this.

Perhaps I have made the first step by acknowledging the fact that there are clear signs of my ageing. I like the way that babies in prams in a tram or S-Bahn look at me, smile then say, “Opa..opa!”- and smile again. It means Grandfather and I always smile back. Babies are nothing if not honest!