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November 2009

Nov 01 2009

Things in November 2009

So what can we expect in the next four weeks? The obvious is that we shall move even further into Winter and the cold, wet, dreary days of this season. Not my favourite time of the year.

I am going to the next Komische Oper concert next Friday and will see Angelika again. Each Friday afternoon I shall be with my Photoshop Gang and two mornings each week I shall be in my Wellness Club to make my legs and back work. I have some private students and always enjoy seeing them.

Next Sunday I have been invited to lunch and to show my photos of the USA, Canada and recent visit to England. I’m going to a teachers workshop on the 14th. It is about ‘Interaction in the classroom’. I’m always open to learning new things – and it will be nice to see Dorothy again after her return from Florida!  And that is about it for the moment – but then the telephone can ring at anytime and things change.

Birthdays in November

Jeff, Robbie and Annie celebrate 54th birthday on the 19th with Computer Mathias having a beer on the 20th to celebrate his 42nd with his lovely Jördis. Stefan Seitz has his birthday on the 29th but I have sill lost contact with him – perhaps I shall find it and arrive in time to help him celebrate.