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New Phone

Apr 17 2010

Gotta new phone, John?

Yes, I have. I bought it yesterday. Why, for you already have two and no-one calls you? 
I know, but the story begins a couple of weeks ago. So, go on with the story – we are waiting for the reason. 
I did some early spring cleaning and found a T-Mobile box without a phone, but with a chip and dated from June 2007. Then I remembered that my Alcatel had died on me and I had bought a new Samsung phone. 
So, what has that to do with the new phone?
Well, I had two chips and only the new phone. I put the old one into my new phone and forgot about the new chip. And the years went by until I found it a week or so ago.  
I then saw an advert for a Nokia ‘clamshell phone’ – I had to go back to the online dictionary again for help. I gave it ‘Klapp-Handy’ and got the equally stupid words ‘ clamshell phone’. I wonder who thinks up such words in the marketing departments!  It had nice big numbers so that when I press ‘1’ I don’t get about three other numbers from my fat-thick finger ends. 
I am now busy trying to work out how it works and adding telephone numbers. It also has Bluetooth (now I can link something to my iMac!), a camera and radio. I wonder if it can make tea 🙂