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Aug 31 2008

I had an interesting afternoon on Friday 29th August.

Ziya is a member of a Multi-Cultural Centre in Kreuzberg. He invited me to their late summer ‘Oldie Bash’. It started with grilling all kinds of meats and sausages, and then led to lots of dancing. There was a group of musicians from Greece and after the food, they hit the music and the ‘oldies’ hit the dance floor. You can see something of the atmosphere from the pics.

I was surprised by the number of ‘oldie’ women who smoked – not in the building, of course, but in the entrance. It was also the grill area. Apart from me, there were 84 ‘oldies’ present, which was 40 less than the last Christmas ‘bash’.

While there, I enrolled on a’Learn Photoshop’ course, which starts next Thursday at 3.30pm. At least you will know where I am at that time until Christmas. I use ‘Paint Shop Pro’ on my Asus with Windows XP but have ‘Photoshop Elements for Mac’ on my iMac, which is a new programme, so it will be good for me to learn something about this programme.

All the pics you have seen so far have gone through my PaintShopPro programme, but soon you will get them from my Photoshop Elements programme. It is just a matter of which programme you are used to using.