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Mothers’ Day

May 23 2010

Mothers’ Day

The day after my birthday was Mothers’ Day. It was also my final day with Tony, Rita and family in New Orleans. Tony flew to Brazil to promote his book late afternoon and I packed my bag for the flight next day. Rita was the centre of attention all day – and quite rightly so! I bought her a bottle of Chardonnay, Tony gave her flowers and the kids made a present.

The high point of the day was going to a Mothers’ Day Concert given by three different children/youth orchestra. Bevan played double bass in the children’s orchestra. It was packed with parents and grandparents, wearing their Sunday best and smiling broad smiles. A happy event.

Outside, I took some photos of the family before we all rushed off to take Tony to the airport. Later in their home I decided to take some more and the children happily played along. I really like the results – as do Tony and Rita.