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May and things

Apr 24 2010

May and things

My bag is packed, taxi ordered for tomorrow at 7.30am, confirmation from Tony that all is okay and Rita will pick me up at the airport. What next? Just enjoy the next few weeks I think is the best answer! I have been doing some reading about New Orleans and got to know its layout thanks to Google Maps. I have even seen their house – and with their car parked in the drive!

I’ve had a very interesting week. The high point was giving a workshop at the Institute on Wednesday about using a netbook and projector in the classroom for presentation and student practice. It went better than I though and I have received a number of phone calls from teachers asking for more information. Nice that they are following it up.

This morning I had a pleasant breakfast at Dr. Birgit’s to celebrate her birthday. Excellent food and good company. I returned home to find a message on my answer machine from Jan in Spain. He was responding to an e-mail I had sent. Nice to hear his voice. Then I started packing, ironing and preparing the flat for it to sleep for nearly three weeks!

Now to birthdays in May: Max starts the month with his 27th on the 2nd May. Na ja, Max so alt schon! My dear godson Marcel, in the north of Hungary, will be 16 on the 3rd May. He has grown to be quite the young man now. There is a rather special birthday on the 8th May – someone will be 67 while he is in New Orleans. Can you work out who it is? Hans hits 59 on the 11th, Trish will open a bottle or three on the 13th in Turkey, Heike will be doing the same in Berlin on the 16th, Otto will be 79 on the 18th followed by Sylvia in Brighton who will celebrate her 54th with Mike on the 20th May. Cousin Barbara will be sampling some birthday cake on the 21st to celebrate her 65th! Wow — you made the big one!! And she ends the birthday show for this month. Happy Birthday to each and all of you!