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Jun 15 2010

Plantation Masters

Back to my Louisiana trip. All the land north of New Orleans on both sides of the Mississippi were covered by sugar plantations. Life was very good – if you were a master and lived in the plantation house.

I visited the ‘Laura Plantation’ for it is run by a historical trust which offers tours and preserves the buildings. It is called ‘Laura’ after the name of one of the women owners covering five generations in one family. Laura was either No. 4 or 5. 

They were originally French. A lot is known about the plantation, and daily life there, because she wrote books when she was an old women and living in Paris.  

There is information about income, costs and profits made by the slaves working the plantation. Profits were very large and enabled families, like Laura’s, to live in style in the plantation house and in their house in New Orleans – and in Paris! 

Here are photos of me outside the plantation house, the main bedroom, the living room, dining room and the nursery. You can compare to how the slaves lived in my next post!