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Jun 05 2011

Marga visit

Marga came to visit me on 29th May. I’ve talked about her before on this blog so no need to introduce her again. It was a pleasant sunny Sunday, and ideal for her to explore where I live.

We talked about such a day the last time we met. I bought a replacement bicycle for the one that was stolen, so lent her my ‘chic’ one. She hadn’t been on a bicycle for 34 years and was nervous at first. She just needed time and all the old skills came back.

We ate a The Bömische Restaurant near to my flat. It was her choice for she doesn’t have such a restaurant where she lives. Then to explore the southern part my area. It was the first to be built following the construction of a racecourse  for the Kaiser’s son. It has some interesting villas and houses built for artists.

Next we went to the section built to house the ‘next generation of money’ which moved into the area. It has many nice family houses with gardens and tree lined streets. It also has a barracks built in 1934/5 to train officers. At the end of the complex is the Officers Mess. The Capitulation of Germany was signed there on 8th May 1945. It is now a museum and well worth a visit.

We continued our tour by cycling north to see where I used to live then west into the ‘poor’ part where I now live: -) This includes a section of housing built by the DDR government in the 1970’s, hence it’s name of being the ‘poor’ part.

We ended the tour back at my place for coffee, cakes and a drink. A very pleasant day and Marga wants to return to try out cycling again and tour the museum We plan to do this in July.