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March and things

Feb 28 2011

March and things

Tomorrow March marches in! Nice word play here 🙂  February was a very interesting month for me.  A pattern of daily events regulated the month and then slowly changed as the month ended. This was mainly a result of teaching at the Institute ending and my bike being stolen, which changed my mobility very quickly.

Jan and Arancha had a well earned holiday in the south of France at a ski resort. Unfortunately some stupid snowboarder hit Arancha and broke a bone in her shoulder. Get well soon Arancha! Later Jan packed his bags and left for the north of Mumbai, where he is working as assistant to the boss of the project.

It is a test for Jan. The company wants to see how he deals with such a project. They could have asked me. I would have told them, “Brilliantly”, and so he could have stayed at home and looked after Arancha’s shoulder. The perfect solution!

I had visitors from England, as I hope you read from recent posts. I was elected as auditor to our Berlin teacher’s association, I wrote some book reviews and now have to review a book to teach Hindi to Germans, written in German. Not bad and I get to keep the book! The rest you know from reading my blog and of course I know you do this regularly – oder?

Looking into March I can see a number of concerts. One is of a local  amateur orchestra, in addition to Angelika’s gang at the Komische Oper. There are some teacher workshops, walks with ‘Oldie’ and perhaps other groups, and my regular training, computer and Photoshop gang meetings. And — planning and booking some flights, but more of that as the month progresses.

Who has a birthday in March? Not many, so let’s toast my equipment. My MacBook will be 3 years old on the 19th. My Asus Eee PC will be 3 year old on the 20th ……..doesn’t anyone have a birthday? A yes, Günter will be a year older on 22 March as will Bernd in Bernau on the 28th March. That’s it! Happy Birthday to you and to my equipment 🙂 Have a great day!

I’m going to a add a photo of a view in Palm Springs in the USA. It was taken by Herr P. who is one of my private students. He is currently on a business and private visit to a number of cities/events in the USA. I was amazed at how a snow covered mountain range could emerge from a semi-desert. We don’t have such things in Berlin!